To equip its engineering students to understand and take up managerial responsibilities in their careers, Himachal Pradesh Technical University (HPTU) has introduced a new course on management and critical thinking for students pursuing a BTech course in engineering colleges of the state.

The course titled “Principles of Management and Critical Thinking” has been introduced for engineering students in the third semester and has been made compulsory along with the engineering curriculum.

The main reason of introducing the course is to make engineering students more adaptable towards future jobs needs. The HPTU felt the need of introducing this course since the role of engineering has changed a lot in the modern times and engineers are also supposed to perform managerial responsibilities along with their technical job.

The HPTU, while designing this course, has kept in mind several aspects with an objective to prepare engineers to understand the roles and functions of managers at different levels, to comprehend the significance and necessity of managing stakeholders and to demonstrate critical thinking skills in identifying ethical, global and diverse issues, planning and management.