Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishan Advani addressed campaign rally Majra (Nahan) and stressed for electoral reforms. He said that voting should be made compulsory and right to reject should also be implemented if voter did not find a suitable candidate. Advani stated that the government should explore the possibility of online voting and it will attract more educated voters.

Apart from the humble advice to the electoral reforms, Advani taken aggressive stance against Congress and blame it for backwardness of Sirmaur district, he urged people to vote for the BJP and said it was lamentable that Sirmaur ranked 11th in terms of development among 12 districts of the state. He said since the Congress had remained at the helm of affairs in Sirmaur, the district had lagged behind.

Advani said health, education and security were the most significant departments of the Union Government, but the Congress-led UPA government had earned ignominy for executing maximum scams. Blaming the Congress for price rise, he said people were suffering due to anti-poor policies of the Congress.

Advani said India should be counted among the leading countries in the 21st century and this could be achieved only if the BJP was voted to power in the states and the Centre.

In a bid to woo Muslims, who comprise a large chunk of voters in Sirmaur, Advani said their opponents had been spreading misinformation that they were anti-Muslims which was not true, and said they were against perpetrators of terrorism.

He said governments which discriminated against citizens on the basis of their caste, creed or religion had no right to rule and the Congress had been discriminating against Hindi-speaking states like Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. He also Justify the change of constituency by Rajeev Bindal, now contesting from Nahan, he said delimitation had forced him to shift and he would quicken the pace of development here as he had done in Solan.