Shimla – In a scathing attack on the Congress party, BJP State President Dr. Rajiv Bindal accused Congress leaders of evading responsibility and failing to address critical issues plaguing Himachal Pradesh. In a press statement today, Dr. Bindal highlighted the deteriorating law and order situation, soaring inflation, industrial migration, and the alleged false guarantees made by Congress.

Dr. Bindal expressed deep concern over the alarming rise in crimes against women and the brutal incident in the Chief Minister’s home district, which has yet to receive a clear response from the government. He lamented the lack of action following a disturbing incident in Hamirpur where a woman had her hair cut, face blackened, and was paraded in her village.

“Our protest aimed to draw attention to the deteriorating law and order situation and the growing influence of hooligan elements in society. However, it appears that the government has chosen to remain silent on these pressing issues,” Dr. Bindal stated.

He further criticized Congress for what he described as misleading guarantees made during their tenure. “Congress leaders claimed they could provide Rs 1500 per month to 22 lakh sisters of the state and create government jobs for 5 lakh youth. These were unrealistic promises, and they knew it. Yet, they made these guarantees to deceive the public,” he asserted.

Dr. Bindal accused the Congress of running away from its promises and accountability. “Today, when they should be serving society, they claim the treasury is empty. But when they needed to deceive the public, the treasury was miraculously full,” he quipped.

Highlighting the economic challenges faced by the people of Himachal Pradesh, Dr. Bindal accused the Congress government of increasing inflation through various tax hikes. “Taxes on taxi operators, indirect taxes, expensive electricity in industrial areas, and taxes on lead-producing industries have burdened the people. The rising prices of essentials during disasters only added to the woes of the public,” he lamented.

Dr. Bindal also alleged that BJP workers were being unfairly targeted with false cases to intimidate them. “Even today, countless people in Himachal Pradesh are waiting for the promises made by Congress leaders to be fulfilled. Public trust continues to erode,” he concluded.