Bahra University

So finally, we have all the big names who will try their level best to justify their candidature in the forthcoming Himachal Pradesh election. With about 300 candidates declaring their candidature on the very last date of filing nominations, we can expect that most of them will stay competitive until the day of polling.

Rohit Thakur from INC will contend against Narinder Bragta, Cabinet Minister and BJP candidate, for Jubbal-Kotkhai seat. When they filed papers yesterday, supporters from both parties came up in huge numbers to show their support. While Bragta’s speech majorly focused on his work during his tenure as state minister, Rohit Thakur, in a separate rally, condemned the BJP government for neglecting the Jubbal-Kotkhai region in the last five years.

Rohit emphasized on the fact that Dhumal government has been ineffective in satisfying the natives of Jubbal-Kotkhai. Roads are no better than they were four years back; they are as dilapidated as they were then. Moreover, it’s all the same in the public health sector as most hospitals and PHC’s are running without doctors. Several public department offices have no employees as such to answer the queries of masses.

Finally, only the locals of the region can justify these claims or negate the allegations. Until then, it’s all but speculations that will keep leading the masses to a volatile political scenario.

15 august 2021