In a public meeting at Kholi village of Kangra, State Congress chief Virbhadra Singh criticised the BJP-led government for ‘failure on all fronts’ and lambasted it for false cases against him as part of its ‘victimization policy’. He announced that if Congress voted into power, it would not implicate political opponents in false cases.

He said it was unfortunate that the Dhumal government followed in the footsteps of the governments of Tamil Nadu and Punjab, which left it with little time for development.

He blamed Govt for the shattering economically and added that the state government was failed to spend Rs 10,000 crore provided by the Centre under rural development, NRHM and MGNEGA schemes in the last four years, due to which the funds lapsed. He said the Dhumal government misled the people on various projects, including the 108 ambulance, service which was a Central project and not of the Dhumal government.

Virbhadra Singh justified the granting of the ticket to Surender Kaku, saying he was a poor and honest grassroots worker, and sought support for him. Virbhadra Singh said Kaku did not face a threat from the BJP, but from his own neighbours. Surender Kaku also addressed the gathering.