Congress Palampur leader and former minister Brij Behari Lal Butail has criticised the state government for neglecting Palampur town in terms of development during its current tenure.

He said Chief Minister had laid foundation stones of a dozen development projects in Palampur, but construction is yet to started. He accused BJP led Govt for folling people of Palampur. Butail added that the development of the town suffered a lot under the BJP led Government.

Congress leader claimed to sanctioned funds for a multi-storey parking, a residence complex for doctors, a solid waste disposal plant and a sewerage system when he was MLA, but after change 2007 all those projects could not proceed. He accused BJP led Govt for partial for the Kangra and Palampur.

He regretted that no new project was sanctioned for Palampur during the BJP regime and it inaugurated only those projects which were initiated by him. He also expressed concern over the rise in ‘benami’ land deals in Palampur, causing a big loss to the state exchequer. He alleged that high-ups of the BJP were involved in illegal sale and purchase of land in Palampur.

He said though the monsoon was over, the government had failed to get damaged roads in Palampur repaired. He added that because of dilapidated road condition daily commuters are facing problem and even tourists are also avoiding visiting Palampur.

He said the power supply system in the town had broken down and people were facing unannounced power cuts, with rural areas the worst hit, as the government had failed to expand the capacity of power stations.