Palampur – Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) for Urban Development and Education, Ashish Butail, revealed it during the inauguration of a cricket competition in Uwarna – a commitment of Rs 10 crore for the expansion and improvement of vital roads in the Palampur region.

Speaking to the gathering, Butail stressed the importance of strong infrastructure for Palampur’s overall growth. He revealed the allocation of Rs 10 crore for a Detailed Project Report (DPR), specifically targeting the expansion of the road network from Newgal Bridge to Bhagotla via Rajnali, Dharahar, Kali Chhamb.

A significant portion of the funds will go towards completing the Kali Chhamb bridge, a project valued at approximately Rs 30 lakh. Butail prioritized its completion, emphasizing the importance of swift action by the concerned department.

Recognizing the commendable efforts of the Azad Club, Ashish Butail announced a financial grant of Rs 15,000, earmarked for the club’s roof construction. Furthermore, he allocated Rs 15,000 each to all the Mahila Mandals of the Panchayat and pledged Rs 5 lakh for the construction of a community building in Thala. Buttressing his commitment, Butail assured the phased fulfilment of other pending demands from the Panchayat.