Transport and Urban Development Minister Mahender Singh Thakur announced that new bus services from Dharampur (Mandi) to Ludhiana and Baroti to Chandigarh would be started soon. In addition to this an AC bus from Dharampur to Delhi would also be started.

Mahender Singh announced it in a Get-together function at Chandigarh today, organized in his honour by the people of Dharampur area of Mandi district working in Chandigarh and nearby cities.

The minister said that the pace of development has been speeded up during his tenure in Dharampur area which was known as Kala-Pani earlier. He said that almost all the villages had been provided with road connectivity, besides, 13 new bridges had been constructed recently including a major bridge of Harsipattan over Beas river. He said when he became MLA there were only two bridges in Dharampur area and now the number has increased to 56.

He said that 400 feet high dam would be constructed at the cost of Rs. 99 crore at Parchu in Dharampur area and a four kilometer artificial lake would be made as a step towards water conservation.