Sarkaghat: BJP senior most Minister Mahender Singh Thakur on Thursday faced common peoples’ anger in Sarkaghat in Mandi district.

Mahender Thakur was in the Nabahi Ward of Sarkaghat region for campaigning for a party candidate. During campaign, local people sought minister’s intervention to complete the road from Damseda village to Jasamsai village, but after failing to get his attention, agitating locals started booing him and raised slogan ‘Go Back Go Back Mahender Singh Go Back’.  

Agitating locals also filmed the incident and now 34 seconds video is viral on the social media.

Blaming Mahender Singh Thakur for stalling development of the region, locals authoritatively stated that (Vote Dete hai Apko, Bhikh ni Mang re) “we have voted for you, we are not begging from you.”   

Minister was visibly perturbed from the agitating locals, he even snubbed the protestors, clearly visible in the video, which further agitated the protesting locals.

State Congress president Kuldeep Singh Rathore stated that the anger of common people is a proof that every section of society are fed up with anti-people policies of the BJP Government.

Readers also reacted angerly on the behavior of minister. One reader stated “Look at his arrogance and people after voting for them” Another reader written “Shame on the behaviour of minister This is not the sign of a responsible elected representative of public.”