The State BJP claimed that Virbhadra Singh’s felicitation ceremony, which was organised to mark his 50 years of his political career, was a flop show and full of self praise and self promotion.

In a statement issued here today, state BJP spokesperson Ganesh Dutt said as compared to the hype that had been created about the programme, the crowd was far from impressive. Ganesh Dutt claimed that common man had stayed away from the rally and as it was a pompous show aimed at self-promotion.

Ganesh Dutt said that Virbhadra Singh in this rally was trying to project himself as the Chief Minister, which he believed not relished neither by the party nor by the common man. He added that all those congresspersons present at function’s dais were party ticket seekers.

Ganesh Dutt claimed that politics of deceit, hollow assurances and false promises has come to its age and now people vote for development and party who works for common people.