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Virbhadra Singh supporters are giving their leaders a befitting salute on his B-Day and completion of 50 long years in active politics. However, Himachal Pradesh BJP termed the felicitation ceremony as a manifestation of intense power struggle in the state Congress.

State BJP president Satpal Singh Satti said in a statement that Virbhadra Singh has failed as leader and added that Congress had lost whenever he led the party in elections after remaining Chief Minister. He said that only policies and programmes launched for public good having far reaching effects make a leader popular and no leader can rule the hearts of people simply by eulogizing himself.

Satti has termed the “Samman Samaroh” futile and added that it was only a manifestation of the intense power struggle going on within the state unit of the Congress.

He targeted Virbhadra Singh to name any package, project or scheme sanctioned to the state due to his efforts, Satti accused him of failing in his duty towards Himachal Pradesh as a Union Minister and remaining silent when the industrial package to the state was curtailed.