Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan said that strict vigil was being kept on election expenditure of the political parties and contesting candidates during the Vidhan Sabha elections process. Video surveillance teams, flying squads, accounting teams, Media Certification, Static Surveillance teams and Monitoring Committees (MCMC) had been set up for expenditure monitoring, criminal activities and law and order situation, he added

He said that State Police Observer had also been deployed by the Election Commission of India to supervise the operation of flying squads and static surveillance teams in the State. He would ensure that all the complaints were promptly acted upon by the flying squad in a fair and impartial manner and the Static Surveillance teams work effectively.

Besides, State Police Observer would also ensure that the person from whom the seizure is effected, was given proper acknowledgement and also the details of the authority, to whom, he had to appeal. He would also coordinate with Expenditure Observers regarding expenditure matters and also with General Observers regarding MCMC matters. Moreover, he would also coordinate with Income Tax and Excise department.

He said that any complaint related to money laundering, law and order situation or against the flying squads and surveillance teams during the election process can also be made directly to the State Police Observer or to the office the State Electoral Officer.

The State Police Observer S.N. Singh can be contacted on his mobile number 09459101972 and complaints can also be sent on his e-mail address: [email protected] or on fax number 0177-2659796.