Congress senior leader GS Bali demanded a CBI probe into the 108 Ambulance scheme scam. While addressing press conference Bali alleged that State Govt has misutiliseed Government of India funds and advised Health Minister Rajeev Bindal to step down on moral grounds.

GS Bali alleged that 108 Ambulance service was delayed in the state for nearly two years simply to help a business house by scrapping a genuine tender procedure for this scheme. Congress leader alleged that on April 30, 2009, tenders were called and eight companies participated in it and AA Germany and AII Ltd offered Rs 419 per ambulance per trip, but the government did not take any decision on the tenders for more than one year for no reasons.

He alleged that on May 21, 2010, again fresh tenders were called and M/s Zigutza Health Care Ltd and Axumen Fund offered Rs 1,469 per trip and this tender too was not accepted. Bali asked why the lowest tender of Rs 419 per ambulance per trip was rejected and fresh tenders were called and ultimately the state government signed a tailor-made MoU for five years with a private company, which would be paid Rs 1,28,000 per month.

He alleged that the said private company had also floated a tender of April 30, 2009, but when the MoU was signed, the company changed its name, but the CEO remained the same.

Bali said the ambulances were provided by the Government of India and the private company was charging Rs 1,28,000 per month whether or not it was used. He described it as a hole in the Govt exchequer. He said annually the Government of India had to pay more than Rs 15 crore for 100 ambulances in the state which Bali described was misuse of government funds.