New ISBT Shimla starts functioning from today and daily commuters can hope to get relief from the daily traffic jam and unnecessary long queue of the vehicles. Here is a sneak peak at the new ISBT. Official reported that there are 11 bays at arrival level and 24 bays at departure level with dedicated doors for entry/exit of passengers for each bay. The passenger concourse at both levels is enclosed and provided with waiting area and public conveniences. There will be a modern schedule display system through LCDs at both levels. Police assistance booth has also been set up and the ISBT is equipped with CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance. There are three floors of parking to accommodate about 150 small vehicles. There is a segregation of movement of passengers, private vehicles and buses with a dedicated drive way for private vehicles for dropping passengers. The integrated bus terminal also has two floors of modern shopping mall, two multiplexes and a hotel.