The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is exploring the possibility of putting up a new Lift complex for sixteen passengers, equipped with all modern amenities. This will be adjacent to the existing Lift and in addition to the present Lift Complex of 4 Lifts, running by the HPTDC connecting both The Mall Road from Cart Road and vise-versa. Managing Director HPTDC Vineet Kumar discloses it in Shimla today, while taking an emergency meeting of the senior officers of the Corporation and talking to the technical team of OTIS regarding the incident which occurred yesterday in the Lift Complex.

It was made clear by the Technical Team of OTIS who is responsible for taking all kinds of safety measures of the HPTDC Lifts and also has AMC that the incident of trapping 13 tourists was due to overloading resulting thereby the mechanical system got stuck-up and consequently much longer time (about more than 2 hours) was taken to evacuate the trapped tourists. However, this incident was first of its kind incident from the time of the installation of these lift during seventies. Vineet Kumar ensure that such incident will not occur in future, additional manpower will be put into regulate the entry into the lifts, so that there is no overloading. MD has also directed the OTIS employees to explore the possibility of an emergency exit in the lift. However, all precautions are being taken connected with safe and smooth travel of tourists in the Lifts.