Chief Minister urges people to get the services and benefits of the programmes of the Government expeditiously so that common people have a feeling that it was their own Government and committed for their welfare. He was delivering his inaugural address today in the two-day long Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police Conference. Chief Minister said that field level functionaries were the face of the Government and their functioning reflect on the image of Government. He said that all the policies and programmes formulated by the State Government were being implemented at the grass root level through the deputy commissioners and law and order maintained by the police through the superintendents of police. He said that the implementing agencies needed to remove the gap between the Government and the people. He said that bottlenecks at the grass root level needed to be removed. He said that the village level functionaries who had direct contact with the masses had to rise to the expectations and aspirations of the people by delivering them prompt and efficient services as also welcome their genuine suggestions to bring about reforms for good governance. He said that every individual was required to be delivered justice upto their satisfaction.

Prof. Dhumal said that field functionaries were required to make themselves available to the general public, listen to their grievances and find amicable solution to their genuine grievances. He said that people needed to be educated about various policies and programmes envisioned by the State Government from time to time for their development. He said that the objective of development would not be achieved unless it become mass movement and field level functionaries had to play pivotal role in achieving the objective. He said that concerted efforts were required to deliver benefits of the programme to the targeted group. He said that all the flag-ship programmes needed to be implemented vigorously to cover maximum of beneficiaries under its fold.

Chief Minister emphasized that people should know about the work being done by the Government for which DCs and SPs should interact with the media frequently as media plays a significant role in disseminating the information. Chief Minister said that the State had done a spectacular work in various fields in last three years and had been conferred 43 Awards by different agencies including Government of India and said that it would had not been possible but for good work done by the officers in implementation of the various developmental and welfare programmes. He said that besides winning latest Prime Minister’s Award for Good Governance in Plastic Management, state stood at number one in implementation of the 20-Point Programme in the country. He said that recently the State had inked a pact with the World Bank on ‘Emission Reduction Purchase’ to benefit 177 gram panchayats and stake holders with cash incentives for treating 4,000 hectares of land, highest in the world, under the project. He said that Atal Swasthya Seva had emerged a common man’s programme since emergency ambulance services were being made available to public free of cost round the clock. He said that State was providing 38 lives saving drugs free of cost to the BPL families and directed the authorities to ensure that the same were available to them. He also emphasized that people should also know about the facilities available to them.

Chief Minister interacted with the Deputy Commissioners and the Superintendents of Police on various issues and said that good suggestions made by them would to be given proper attention by the Government.