Teacher Proposals Denied: Summer Break for State Schools Set from June 22 to July 29

Shimla – In a recent announcement, the state government has confirmed that the holiday schedule for schools will remain unchanged. Summer vacation schools will observe holidays from June 22 to July 29, consistent with the previous year’s schedule.

This decision comes amidst various teacher organizations’ proposed alterations to the summer vacation schedule. Some groups advocated for a change, while others preferred to maintain the existing dates. Following these differing opinions, the Education Department drafted a proposal and submitted it to the government for consideration.

Despite the discussions and suggestions from educators, the government has decided to adhere to the established schedule. Consequently, schools across the state will follow the same holiday calendar as before. The Education Secretary, Rakesh Kanwar, revealed that no modifications have been made to the holiday schedule as of now.

In addition to the summer vacation schedule, the monsoon break for winter vacation schools will also remain as previously planned. This applies to schools in Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti, which will observe their holidays according to the pre-existing timetable.

The consistent holiday schedule aims to provide stability and predictability for students, parents, and educators, ensuring that academic planning can proceed without disruption. By maintaining the current holiday schedule, the state government has prioritized continuity and minimized potential disruptions in the academic calendar.