Shimla – In a progressive move to enhance the quality of education in Himachal Pradesh, Education Secretary Rakesh Kanwar has called upon teachers to implement experiential learning and green initiatives within their schools. This directive follows the recent feedback session from the second batch of teachers who participated in an exposure visit to Singapore under the Samagra Shiksha program.

During the meeting, Kanwar emphasized the crucial role teachers play in driving educational reforms at the grassroots level. He encouraged educators to apply the innovative teaching methods and environmental practices observed in Singapore to their schools. “Teachers can implement most of the things themselves without any outside help,” Kanwar stated, underscoring the potential for teachers to independently drive significant changes.

Kanwar advised teachers to develop comprehensive action plans with specific goals set for various timeframes—one month, two months, three months, and the entire academic year. These plans should outline both individual efforts and collaborative projects with other teachers and school staff. The primary objective is to create an enriching learning environment that leverages school resources such as libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities effectively.

In addition to promoting experiential learning, Kanwar highlighted the importance of incorporating green and clean initiatives in schools. He encouraged teachers to transform their institutions into leading models of sustainability and innovation. “Teachers should ensure the use of library, lab, and sports equipment in schools, and develop their institutions as leading ones, including activities like experiential learning and green clean initiatives,” he said.

Kanwar also called on Samagra Shiksha, the Directorate of Education, DIET, and SCERT to establish a mechanism to monitor and assess the improvements brought about by the teachers’ exposure visits. The results and best practices should be shared among educators to create a replicable framework across Himachal Pradesh. “The changes brought by teachers should be shared with other teachers. In this way, a framework can be prepared which can be implemented in schools across Himachal,” he added.

Rajesh Sharma, Samagra Shiksha Project Director, expressed his appreciation for Kanwar’s support and insights. He commended the efforts of his team in organizing the exposure visit and highlighted the positive feedback from the participating teachers. Sharma assured that the Education Secretary’s recommendations would be fully implemented to ensure sustained progress in the educational sector.

This initiative reflects a broader commitment to educational excellence in Himachal Pradesh, aiming to integrate global best practices at the local level. By empowering teachers to lead the charge, the state seeks to create a sustainable model for educational development that prioritizes experiential learning and environmental stewardship.