Scientists, farmers and experts stressed on a strategy to produce quality seed during a two-day workshop

Shimla: Agriculture Minister Virender Kanwar hoped to become self-reliant in seed production.

Speaking at a two-day workshop on seed sourcing and multiplication by natural farming method concluded at Circuit House Shimla today, Virender Kanwar said that the state is dependent on other states for quality seed and state import over 80 percent of seeds and therefore, “it’s a need of the hour to develop our own seed to meet the requirement.”

“With the assistance of scientists, farmers and other experts we will surely achieve this goal,” Agri minister said and further added to develop system for production and availability of improved seeds while preserving and multiplying the traditional crop seed.

The workshop was organised by the State Project Implementing Unit setup for the implementing and monitoring of natural farming.

Rakesh Kanwar, State Project Director of Prakritik Kheti Khhushal Kisan Yojana, given voice to the concern of the farmer over the imported seeds. He said

“there have been many questions about the quality of imported seeds. Most of the farmers face issues regarding the germination of imported seeds. Since the seed received by them comes from the different climatic condition, it is unable to adapt and perform in our ecology.”

Kanwar said that to mitigate the concern of the farmer, it’s necessary to develop seed varieties that are suitable for Himachal’s agro-climatic conditions. Kanwar further said to produce quality seed by natural farming methods, the agriculture department (on a pilot basis) has recognized 12 agriculture farms and 130 farmer groups to seed production and its multiplication.

Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, Executive Director of Prakritik Kheti Khhushal Kisan Yojana said that a unique seed certification mechanism will be prepared for the seed produced by this method.

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