Bilaspur — The gruesome murder of an elderly couple in Chandpur (Bhojpur) village, under the jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat Sikroha and Barmana police station, has been solved within 24 hours. The shocking crime, driven by theft, was perpetrated by the couple’s neighbour and his two accomplices. All three suspects have been apprehended by the police.

The primary suspect, Bhura Ram (37), a resident of Bhojpur in Bilaspur district, conspired with Suman Kumar (22) from village Bohi, Tehsil Arki in Solan district, and Manoj Kumar (34) from village Kharsi in Bilaspur district, to commit the heinous act. The youngest of the trio, a 22-year-old, is among those arrested for the double murder.

According to police reports, the son of the deceased couple informed authorities that Bhura Ram, a frequent visitor to their home, was familiar with the household’s routines. This information led the police to bring Bhura Ram in for questioning. Initially uncooperative, Bhura Ram eventually confessed to the crime and identified his two accomplices.

The police launched a manhunt for the other two suspects, tracking them to Majra in Chandigarh. After extensive efforts, police teams successfully apprehended Suman Kumar and Manoj Kumar. All three accused will be presented in court soon.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the trio intended to commit theft on the night of the murder. However, they were confronted by the elderly couple in their cowshed. In a brutal attack, the assailants used a sharp sickle to fatally wound the couple near their necks.

While the police have solved the murder case, the murder weapon and the stolen goods remain unrecovered. Police have disclosed that the suspects had been planning the crime for about a month. The son of the deceased couple revealed that approximately five lakh rupees in cash and valuable jewellery were kept at home for an upcoming religious event, which the assailants stole after committing the murder.