Bamber Thakur is the Mastermind of Mining, Chitta, and Drug Mafias, Hooliganism, and Organized Crimes: Harsh Mahajan

Shimla — In a scathing attack on Congress leader Bamber Thakur, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Harsh Mahajan has alleged that Thakur is the mastermind behind various organized crimes in the region. Mahajan stated that Thakur’s recent comments about BJP National President JP Nadda are baseless and aimed at diverting public attention from his misdeeds.

“Bamber Thakur has completely lost his cool,” Mahajan asserted, “when the police, administration, and the public have already accepted that he is the mastermind of the Bilaspur firing incident, and his son is fully involved.” Mahajan emphasized that Thakur’s attempts to malign JP Nadda’s reputation are “beyond truth and facts.”

Mahajan accused Thakur of trying to clear his tarnished image by spreading lies. “He thinks he can clear his black image by diverting the public’s attention, but the Congress leaders have been completely exposed. No one questions the fact that the Congress leader has a blackened image,” he said. Mahajan attributed the previous bad social environment in Bilaspur solely to Thakur, noting that there are 30 criminal cases against him, involving activities such as mining mafia, drug trafficking, smuggling, and violent crimes.

Adding to the controversy, Bilaspur SP Vivek Chahal reported that Thakur’s son, Puranjan, had applied for bail in the High Court, but his petition was rejected. Chahal stated that Puranjan is the main accused in the Bilaspur firing incident, and the police are actively searching for him. Additionally, another suspect, Gaurav from Baihna Jatta, has been arrested. According to Chahal, shooter Sunny Gill, who was arrested earlier, implicated Puranjan during interrogation.

Mahajan called for strict action from the administration and the government to swiftly deal with the culprits. “This has never happened in the history of Himachal Pradesh before today. Congress leaders have spoiled the entire environment of Himachal Pradesh. Such incidents of violence are not acceptable in our peace-loving state,” he declared.