Chitta Drug Trade Thrives Under Congress Protection; Over 300 Rapes and 150 Murders in 17 Months Highlight Government’s Failure

Shimla – Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur accused the Himachal Pradesh government of grossly failing to maintain law and order. Thakur alleged that the government is not only ineffective but actively protecting criminals and enabling illegal activities, including the chitta (drug) trade.

Thakur’s allegations were particularly pointed concerning a recent shooting incident in the judicial complex, where a man was injured by hired goons. “The person who brought the goons is none other than the son of the former MLA of Bilaspur Sadar, who has not been caught yet. They have full protection from the government,” Thakur stated. He claimed that despite clear evidence, the former MLA has not been arrested, and his son remains free, benefiting from the government’s protection.

Highlighting the deteriorating law and order situation, Thakur revealed alarming statistics. “More than 300 rape cases and over 150 murders have been reported in the past 17 months. Law and order have been shattered in Himachal Pradesh,” he said. Thakur compared the state’s situation to that of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, regions known for high crime rates, indicating a significant decline in safety and security under the current administration.

Thakur did not mince words when discussing the rampant drug trade in the state. “Every child in Bilaspur is saying that the business of chitta is going on under their protection. The Chief Minister is fully aware of this, yet he is not doing anything,” he alleged. According to Thakur, the government’s inaction is not due to ignorance but complicity, suggesting that influential leaders are involved in the drug trade.

Responding to questions from journalists over membership of nine BJP’s MLAs, Thakur accused the Speaker of acting beyond his authority and under the influence of the Chief Minister. “The present Speaker of the Assembly has flouted all the rules and regulations. He has become merely a puppet of the Chief Minister,” Thakur claimed, questioning the legitimacy of the Speaker’s claims.

Thakur announced that the BJP would bring the issue of law and order directly to the people, aiming to expose the government’s failures and garner public support. He urged the citizens of Himachal Pradesh to recognize the severity of the situation and demand accountability from Congress leaders.