Shimla – In a historic turn of events, the BJP candidate, Harsh Mahajan, has emerged victorious in the Rajya Sabha elections held on Tuesday in Himachal Pradesh. The results were declared within the Assembly premises, marking a significant victory for the BJP and a setback for the ruling Congress party.

The intense battle saw both candidates receiving 34 votes each, leading to a deadlock. The tie was eventually broken using a slip, resulting in Harsh Mahajan’s victory.

The unexpected outcome was attributed to cross-voting by Congress MLAs, a development that brought the BJP perilously close to victory. The 34-34 vote deadlock underscored the intense competition and political dynamics at play during the Rajya Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh.

This victory for Harsh Mahajan not only strengthens the BJP’s position in the state but also highlights the shifting political landscape. The win is seen as a significant achievement for the BJP, considering the Congress’s stronghold in the assembly.

The declaration of results within the Assembly premises added to the suspense surrounding the Rajya Sabha elections. As Harsh Mahajan makes history with his victory, the political observers and stakeholders in Himachal Pradesh will closely watch the aftermath of the election results, anticipating its impact on the state’s political scenario in the days to come.