Shimla – The heatwave sweeping across the plains and low-altitude regions of Himachal Pradesh has pushed temperatures to record highs, making Friday the hottest day of the season. The maximum temperature in Neri-Una surged past 43 degrees Celsius, reaching a scorching 43.2 degrees.

Several other areas also faced extreme heat, with Bilaspur recording temperatures of 43.1 degrees Celsius. In total, four locations reported temperatures exceeding 41 degrees Celsius, highlighting the severity of the heatwave.

Across nine different locations, temperatures climbed above 35 degrees Celsius, exacerbating the already sweltering conditions. The Meteorological Center has forecasted clear weather in the plains until May 23, suggesting that the heatwave may persist and temperatures could rise even further.

Kangra recorded a temperature of 38.6 degrees, while Mandi reached 37.6 degrees. Chamba saw a high of 36.8 degrees, and both Hamirpur and Solan recorded temperatures of 36.0 degrees. Bhuntar’s temperature was slightly lower at 35.6 degrees. Dharamshala experienced a maximum temperature of 34.9 degrees, and Kasaili recorded 33.3 degrees. In the capital, Shimla, the temperature was a more moderate 29.4 degrees. Reckong Peo had a similar temperature at 29.5 degrees, while Keylong, being at a higher altitude, was much cooler at 19.1 degrees.

Looking ahead, meteorologists predict adverse weather conditions in some high mountain areas until May 21. Central hill regions might experience sporadic inclement weather until May 19.