Shimla – The weather in Himachal Pradesh took a dramatic turn today as rain showers drenched the state capital, providing much-needed relief from the scorching heat. Simultaneously, higher altitudes including Rohtang Pass witnessed the first snowflakes of the season, delighting tourists and locals alike. In the Lahaul Valley, moderate rainfall added to the cool respite from the prevailing weather conditions.

The Meteorological Center Shimla has issued a forecast predicting continued rain across various parts of the state throughout the day. Additionally, a yellow alert has been issued for thunderstorms in isolated areas, cautioning residents and travellers to stay updated on local weather advisories.

Looking ahead, the weather department anticipates intermittent rain to persist in many regions of Himachal Pradesh until June 27. However, clear skies are expected over the plains and mid-mountain areas from June 22 to 25. Monsoon showers are anticipated to officially arrive in the state after June 26, bringing further relief from the ongoing dry spell.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a notable decrease in maximum temperatures across Himachal Pradesh, maintaining near-normal levels for this time of year. The minimum temperatures varied across different locations, with Shimla recording 17.2°C, Sundernagar 21.6°C, Bhuntar 17.7°C, Kalpa 12.2°C, Dharamsala 21.0°C, and Una 23.6°C among others.

The changing weather patterns have been welcomed by residents and farmers who were eagerly awaiting rainfall to support agricultural activities and replenish water reserves. The upcoming days are crucial as Himachal Pradesh prepares for the monsoon season, which is expected to bring further relief and rejuvenation to the region.