Bilaspur — Drivers using the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane need to be extra cautious starting this Saturday, as the Bilaspur Police will begin issuing online vehicle challans through the newly operational Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS).

The ITMS, which was installed at multiple strategic locations including Tunnel No. 1 Kainchi Mod, Mandi Bharari Chowk, Auhar, and Tunnel Char Tehra, has been under trial for the past few months to ensure compliance with traffic rules. With the trial phase now complete, the system will operate regularly to monitor and enforce traffic regulations.

The speed limit on the four-lane has been set at 60 kilometers per hour. The ITMS will detect and automatically issue challans for various violations such as overspeeding, riding without a helmet, not wearing a seatbelt, and triple riding. This move aims to enhance road safety and reduce accidents caused by traffic violations.

ASP Shiv Chaudhary emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic rules, noting that compliance is crucial for the safety of all road users. “Drivers are cautioned to drive their vehicles as per the rules, so that there is no financial loss to life and property. Bilaspur Police is always ready to serve the people,” said Chaudhary.

The implementation of ITMS marks a significant step towards modernizing traffic management and ensuring safer travel on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk route. The Bilaspur Police urge all drivers to stay within the speed limit and follow traffic regulations to avoid penalties and contribute to safer road conditions for everyone.