Vigilant Teams Enforce GST and Excise Act, Collect Fines to Ensure Compliance

Shimla – In a recent operation, the Excise Department successfully seized gold jewellery valued at Rs. 2.17 crore. Acting on secret information, teams from District Shimla and Solan conducted checkpoints at multiple locations, uncovering gold jewellery being transported without valid documents.

Team Shimla intercepted gold jewellery worth Rs. 1.33 crore, while Team Solan seized an additional Rs. 84 lakh worth of items. Under the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax Act (GST Act, 2017), the Excise Department has imposed fines totalling Rs. 13 lakh on the individuals involved in the unlawful transportation of these precious items.

Additionally, the Excise Department intensified its efforts to combat illegal liquor across various districts in the state. In these operations, approximately 200 liters of illicit liquor were confiscated and promptly destroyed. Furthermore, 23 boxes containing English and country liquor were seized as part of these actions.

Dr. Yunus, Commissioner of State Taxes and Excise, emphasized that these operations are in full compliance with the Excise Act, ensuring that illegal liquor does not find its way into the market. He also detailed specific incidents in various districts and informed that in the Mandi district, Dept seizures and destroyed 200 liters of Lahan. In Una district, the enforcement team confiscated 8 boxes of English and country liquor being kept illegally. In Kullu, Dept reported three separate cases where 15 boxes of illicit English and country liquor were seized, accompanied by a fine of Rs. 60,000 under the Excise Act. Whereas in Shimla district’s team conducted raids on suspicious locations, leading to the seizure of 25 bottles of illegal liquor.

Commissioner Dr. Yunus made it clear that strict actions would be taken across all districts to combat illegal liquor and tax evasion effectively. He urged the public to contribute to these efforts by sharing information or registering complaints regarding illegal liquor and tax evasion cases. A toll-free number, 1800-180-8060, and a WhatsApp number, 9418331426, have been provided for this purpose.