Solan – In a move aimed at fostering international ties, Shoolini University has put forth a proposal to establish a Yoga Center at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. The proposal goes beyond cultural exchange, focusing on a holistic approach to education and well-being.

A delegation from Newcastle University recently visited Shoolini University and discussed various collaboration opportunities between two institutions. The proposal aims to create a space at Newcastle University dedicated to yoga, emphasizing the fusion of traditional wellness practices with modern education.

The discussions extend beyond the physical establishment of the Yoga Center. The proposal includes plans for faculty interaction, joint grants and potential student/faculty exchange programs, enhancing the partnership between the two institutions.

Dr Rozy Dhanta, Deputy Director of International Affairs at Shoolini University, highlighted collaborative efforts to secure funding opportunities with UK Research Innovation, Delhi. This joint venture aims to boost research capabilities and foster innovation on a global scale.

The proposed collaboration also explores the concept of a 2+2 program, particularly involving the Management, Biotech, and Pharma departments. This initiative seeks to provide students with enriched academic experiences.