In a significant development, the Director General of Police (DGP) Sanjay Kundu has approached the Supreme Court to challenge the recent orders issued by the Himachal Pradesh High Court. The case revolves around businessman Nishant Sharma, a resident of Palampur in the Kangra district of the state.

The Himachal High Court, in a recent ruling, directed the removal of DGP Sanjay Kundu and Superintendent of Police (SP) Kangra, Shalini Agnihotri, from their current postings. This decision was made in the context of a case involving threats made against businessman Nishant Sharma. The High Court emphasized the need for a fair investigation and ordered the removal of the top police officials to ensure impartiality.

The High Court has scheduled the hearing for the case on January 4. Prior to the hearing, the Himachal Pradesh government faces a crucial decision on whether to comply with the court’s directive to remove DGP Sanjay Kundu and SP Kangra.

DGP Sanjay Kundu has now taken the matter to the Supreme Court, filing a case titled “Sanjay Kundu IPS vs Registrar General High Court of Himachal Pradesh.” However, as of now, the case is yet to be listed in the Supreme Court’s docket.

It is noteworthy that the division bench of Himachal Pradesh High Court, consisting of Chief Justice MS Ramachandra Rao and Justice Jyotsna Rewal Dua, had issued the orders for the removal of DGP Sanjay Kundu and SP Kangra in response to the alleged threats against businessman Nishant Sharma. The businessman, hailing from Palampur, holds a central position in the case that has led to these legal developments.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, returning to Shimla from Delhi on Friday, stated that he would carefully review the High Court’s orders before making any decisions. The Chief Minister expressed his commitment to a thorough examination of the matter and assured that a decision would be made following a comprehensive understanding of the legal implications.

As the case now makes its way to the Supreme Court, all eyes are on whether DGP Sanjay Kundu will receive any relief, pending the listing of the case in the highest judicial forum of the country. The unfolding legal saga adds another layer of complexity to the already contentious issues surrounding the businessman Nishant Sharma and the officials involved in the case.