In a contentious turn of events, the inauguration of the newly constructed tunnel in Dhalli has become a focal point for political discord, with Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur attributing the success to the Central Government and the former BJP State Government. Thakur’s remarks have ignited a war of words, with the Congress government defending its position and asserting the validity of its contributions to the project.

Thakur asserted that the Congress government is inadvertently taking credit for the tunnel’s completion and accused them of lacking the necessary priority to expedite its construction. He argued that had the Congress government made the tunnel a top priority, it could have been inaugurated much earlier, pointing to what he perceives as government apathy.

Highlighting the historical context, Thakur underscored the importance of the Dhali Tunnel in Shimla, originally constructed by the British 170 years ago. He lamented the absence of tunnel development in the region since then and stressed the necessity of the new tunnel to enhance traffic flow.

Providing a chronological account, Thakur detailed the efforts made during the BJP government’s tenure, citing a scientific survey that confirmed the feasibility of a second tunnel alongside Dhali. The Central Government’s approval under the Smart City projects, coupled with a budget release of Rs 48 crore, facilitated the project. Thakur proudly announced the inauguration of the double-lane tunnel on March 09, 2022, with an additional Rs 12 crore allocated for ancillary facilities.

Taking a critical stance, Thakur claimed that a significant portion of the construction work was accomplished under the BJP government, and progress slowed when the Congress government assumed power. He lamented the tunnel’s delayed completion due to what he perceived as a lack of prioritization by the current government.