Chief Electoral Officer Narender Chauhan informed that as per the direction of Election Commission of India, the Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls for Vidhan Sabha Elections for all the 68 Assembly Constituencies in the State, with reference to 1st January, 2012 is being conducted.

He said that the draft publication of Photo Electoral Rolls will be made on 1st June, 2012 at each polling station of the concerned assembly constituency in the offices of Electoral Registration Officers (ADMs/SDMs)/Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (Tehsildars/Naib Tehsildars). Photo Electoral Rolls published in draft will be made available at the above locations for free inspection with effect from 1st June to 18th June, 2012 and Form i.e. 6,7,8 and 8A for lodging claims and objections will also be available in these locations, he added. He said that claims and objections would be disposed off by 3rd July, 2012.

Narender Chauhan said that in order to ensure transparency and generate awareness amongst the general public, Photo Electoral Rolls will be read out in the special meetings of Gram Sabhas/Ward Sabhas of Urban Local Bodies on 3rd June, 2012 and 10th June, 2012 in the State to enable the citizens to verify their particulars in the Photo Electoral Rolls and file claims and objections, if any. Besides this, for the convenience of electors special campaign will be conducted at each polling station on 4th June, 2012 and 9th June, 2012 to enable the citizens to confirm their name and those of their adult members in the Photo Electoral Rolls. All the electors should take advantage of the opportunity being provided by the department at each polling station, he added.

He said that electors can confirm the availability of their names in the Photo Electoral Rolls through Internet website and added that final electoral rolls would be published on 31st July, 2012