Shimla: APG Shimla University hosted a one-day national seminar on the topic of “Management Beyond Metros: Opportunities & Challenges.” The event brought together researchers and scholars from all over India to present their research papers on management.

During the seminar, Professor Dr Pramod Sharma, a renowned professor of Management, emphasized the importance of converting life’s challenges into opportunities through proper management, time management, motivation, innovation, and leadership qualities. He also taught the students about the tricks of adopting management in daily life, practical knowledge, communication skills, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the use of technology and innovation for the development of society and the nation.

Dr. Sharma stressed the need to prepare the youth for self-employment by setting up small-scale industries in rural areas, providing employment to local people, and promoting practical education. He said that turning challenges into opportunities is the test of meaningfulness and proper management of human life.

In addition to Dr. Sharma, the seminar featured other renowned speakers, including Prof. Rashmi Gujrati and Deputy General Chef Nandlal Sharma, who shared their insights on the importance of management, time management, practical education, entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, and the use of technology and innovation for the development of society and the nation.

During the seminar, the speakers discussed the importance of innovation for the development of the nation and the role of artificial intelligence in boosting self-employment. They also highlighted Israel’s success in technology despite limited resources, which was attributed to their efficient management and research on new innovations.

The seminar was an opportunity for researchers, scholars, and students to exchange ideas and learn from experts in the field. Dr Sharma even presented his recently written book, “The Magic of Living a Mega Life through Ikigai Insight,” to Chancellor Engineer Suman Vikrant.