In a significant move towards sustainable energy and economic empowerment, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has announced the government’s encouragement of young entrepreneurs to establish solar power projects within the state. This initiative aims to provide a stable income source for the youth, as the government commits to purchasing electricity generated from these solar projects over a 25-year period.

Chief Minister Sukhu emphasized the state government’s dedication to harnessing solar power to promote clean energy and offer self-employment opportunities to the youth. To make renewable energy ventures more accessible and financially viable for young entrepreneurs, the government is providing a substantial 40 percent subsidy for the establishment of solar power projects with capacities ranging from 250 KW to two MW on privately owned land.

In a bid to transform Himachal Pradesh into a ‘Green Energy State’ by March 31, 2026, the government is diversifying its energy sources. Alongside increasing hydropower production, it plans to tap into solar energy resources. As part of this strategy, the government has set an ambitious target of launching new solar energy projects with a combined capacity of 500 MW in the fiscal year 2023-24.

Chief Minister Sukhu underlined that this proactive approach towards renewable energy not only supports environmental conservation but also creates opportunities for economic growth and employment, positioning Himachal Pradesh as a pioneer of clean energy in the country.