In a significant move aimed at ensuring accurate and up-to-date Aadhaar card details, residents of Himachal Pradesh have an opportunity to update their information with waived charges for online document updates. This initiative, titled “Update Aadhaar Card Details,” enables residents to easily modify their Aadhaar card particulars through an online platform.

Chief Secretary Prabodh Saxena and Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Bhawna Garg, recently conducted a thorough review of Aadhaar enrolment and updation status in Himachal Pradesh. During the review, Chief Secretary Saxena emphasized the importance of residents keeping their Aadhaar details, such as address and mobile number, up to date, even if there have been no changes in their particulars over the past decade.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and submit the necessary documents to update their Aadhaar card information. To promote awareness and facilitate the process, officials have been directed to educate residents about the online provision for updation, enabling more individuals to benefit from this service.

Under the new initiative, residents can access the Document Update feature through the user-friendly ‘my Aadhaar’ portal or at various Aadhaar enrollment centers in Himachal Pradesh. While there is a nominal fee of Rs. 50 for this service, the UIDAI has waived off these charges for online Aadhaar Document Updates until September 14, 2023. This exemption provides significant relief to residents and encourages them to promptly update their documents to avoid any inconveniences.

Updating Aadhaar card details is crucial for maintaining accurate records and ensuring a streamlined process for accessing various government services. By taking advantage of the waived charges for online document updates, residents can enjoy the benefits of an efficient and hassle-free experience when availing themselves of government services or other Aadhaar-based benefits.

The “Update Aadhaar Card Details” initiative seeks to provide a more reliable identification system and promote efficiency in administrative processes. Himachal Pradesh residents are strongly urged to seize this opportunity and utilize the online platform to keep their Aadhaar card information current and up to date.