Kangra – In a proactive move to guarantee comprehensive Aadhaar coverage, a targeted campaign has been kickstarted in Kangra district, focusing on children aged zero to five years. The initiative responds to the revelation that approximately 38,000 children in this age group currently lack Aadhaar cards.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Saurabh Jassal conveyed this directive during a recent review meeting at the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Empowered by this directive, Anganwadi workers are compiling a comprehensive database of children aged zero to five, whose Aadhaar cards are yet to be initiated. Simultaneously, these workers are engaging with parents to encourage and guide them through the process of Aadhaar enrollment for their children.

Highlighting the Aadhaar’s paramount importance, Additional Deputy Commissioner Saurabh Jassal stressed the need for children to update their Aadhaar cards even after reaching the ages of five and fifteen. He urged school children within these age brackets to liaise with their headmasters or principals to ensure a seamless process for Aadhaar card updates. This update is pivotal for accessing scholarships and various other government facilities. Failure to comply may result in complications in obtaining these essential benefits.

Additionally, it was underscored that all citizens are mandated to update their Aadhaar cards once every ten years. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UDAI) has set the deadline for the ongoing round of Aadhaar card updates as March 14, 2024. Aadhaar, being a critical document, acts as a gateway to various government schemes and benefits at both the central and state levels. Timely updates ensure a hassle-free experience in availing these privileges.

For those yet to enroll or update their Aadhaar cards, the process is facilitated through the nearest Aadhaar center or post office. The mandatory documentation for Aadhaar includes identity proof such as a PAN card, passport, or voter ID card, along with address proof documents like a bank passbook or relevant documents.