In a resolute effort to uphold stringent pollution control standards, the State Pollution Control Board has taken decisive action against unlicensed industries operating without valid permission in Baddi’s industrial area. Following a thorough investigation, it was revealed that these industries had commenced production without obtaining the necessary consent to establish (CTE) or consent to operate (CTO) from the board.

The board has issued a firm directive, forbidding the industrialists from operating their businesses using DG sets or any other alternative energy sources. This swift action has sent shockwaves among entrepreneurs who have been flouting pollution control regulations. The Baddi Regional Office of the State Pollution Control Board conducted surprise inspections in April and May, during which these non-compliant industries were identified. Subsequently, notices were issued, granting the entrepreneurs an opportunity to respond. However, their replies proved unsatisfactory, and the identified infractions remained unaddressed.

Now, in a move to enforce strict penalties, the State Pollution Control Board has ordered the disconnection of the power supply to these industries. In an order dated June 13, the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited has been directed to immediately disconnect electricity to Ultra Chrome, Harshit Industries, Akansha Agro Food, and Kanshi Pharma. Among these units, three fall into the red category due to their emission of hazardous waste, while the pharma industry was operating without renewing its consent from the board. Praveen Gupta, Chief Environmental Engineer of the State Pollution Control Board in Baddi, confirmed the power disconnection orders for these four industries. The recommendation to sever the power supply was made to the Member Secretary based on the findings of the surprise inspection.

Furthermore, the board has recommended power disconnection for an additional 21 industries. In the initial phase, action has been taken against the four industries, but the board remains resolute in enforcing regulations and ensuring compliance. The Member Secretary of the State Pollution Control Board has adopted a firm stance, ordering power disconnection for industries operating without mandatory permission from the board. This includes three industries that emit toxic hazardous waste.