The Pollution Control Board has taken stern action against the City Council in Manali for polluting the Beas River. The Board has imposed a fine of Rs 15.30 lakh on the council and directed them to take immediate action to save the river from further contamination. The garbage dump near Rangdi was found to be the major culprit for polluting the river.

The Pollution Control Board visited the site recently and issued a notice to the council after preparing a complete report. The garbage plant center near Rangdi was set up years ago but failed to manage the garbage disposal properly. The dumping site has now turned into a mountain of garbage and is leaking, causing the contaminated water to flow directly into the Beas River.

The department’s director, Gopal Chand, visited Manali on Friday and took a strict stand on the matter. He instructed the council to take appropriate steps immediately to prevent the dirty water containing garbage from mixing with the river. The executive officer of the City Council, BR Negi, assured a proper solution within 15 days. The council is making pits to lift the contaminated water with the help of pipes and treat it in the treatment plant.