The BJP has launched a scathing critique, accusing the Congress party of prioritizing the politics of blame over fulfilling their promises. Former BJP State President, Suresh Kashyap, and Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Sikandar Kumar, have jointly expressed their disappointment with the Congress party’s approach.

BJP Leaders shed light on the frequent meetings between Congress leaders and Union Ministers, where pleasantries are exchanged and project reports are submitted. However, the BJP leaders highlight that Congress leaders conveniently shift their stance when in Himachal Pradesh, consistently criticizing the central government and its ministers.

Expressing their disappointment, the BJP leaders raise concerns about the behaviour of the Congress government during interactions with Union Ministers. They emphasize the contrasting attitudes exhibited by Congress Chief Ministers, Deputy Chief Ministers, and Ministers when meeting Union Ministers in Delhi, compared to their consistent blame game tactics in Himachal Pradesh.

The BJP leaders criticize the Congress party for focusing on blaming the central government and its ministers rather than acknowledging the support and funds provided by the central government.

Unfulfilled Promises and Questionable Guarantees

The BJP leaders also raise concerns regarding the unfulfilled promises made by the Congress government. They specifically question the lack of progress in providing employment opportunities to the youth of Himachal Pradesh.

The BJP leaders challenge the Congress government to deliver on their promise of creating jobs for 5 lakh youths, as well as the annual employment target of 1 lakh youths. Additionally, they point out the failure to provide the promised financial support of 1500 rupees per month to 22 lakh sisters, which was meant to uplift women in Himachal Pradesh.

The BJP leaders also highlight that the Congress government had only increased the existing support of 1350 rupees per month by a mere 150 rupees, failing to deliver on their commitment.