Hamirpur: In a startling incident near Chhayodi, adjacent to the district headquarters, a young man fell victim to an unintended shooting by a group of poachers. Riding his bike with his 2-year-old son, the unfortunate incident occurred when the young man unknowingly crossed paths with four youths engaged in hunting activities. The poachers, attempting to target wild fowl, inadvertently shot the passing man, causing injuries.

The incident took place around 7:30 in the morning as the young man, identified as Rajneesh from Rangra, Kakdiyar, was returning home after visiting the Gasota Mahadev temple. Positioned on the upper side of the road, the hunting youths fired pellets intended for wild fowl but tragically hit Rajneesh as he rode by. The pellets struck the bike’s headlight before hitting the young man’s chest. Swift action was taken by the poachers, who promptly rushed Rajneesh to the Medical College Hamirpur.

Medical professionals at the hospital provided immediate treatment to Rajneesh, stabilizing his condition. Thanks to their efforts, his condition is currently reported as stable. The Police have apprehended responsible for firing the shot. The arrested youth, identified as Sandeep, also known as Kaki, works in the Vigilance department.

Following the incident, the Sadar police station Hamirpur promptly launched an investigation into the matter. The police team visited the scene, recording statements from the injured youth and his relatives. They also recovered the weapon used in the shooting. According to the injured youth’s family, the group of four youths were engaged in hunting activities, with Sandeep accidentally firing the shot that struck Rajneesh.