Interior of Lok Sabha themed around the national bird, the peacock, and Rajya Sabha reflects the national flower, the lotus

In a momentous ceremony held today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the new Parliament House to the nation. The event commenced with the installation of the Sengol with Nandi atop the building, facing the East-West direction. Prime Minister Modi, paying homage to tradition, lit the Diya and offered flowers to the sacred symbol.

Addressing the audience, the Prime Minister emphasized that certain dates etch themselves into a nation’s history, becoming everlasting imprints on the fabric of time. May 28, 2023, is one such date, he declared, as he extended his heartfelt congratulations on this glorious occasion.

The Prime Minister underscored that the new Parliament House goes beyond being a mere architectural marvel. It stands as a representation of the dreams and aspirations of the 1.4 billion Indians. “This edifice serves as a temple of our democracy, sending a resolute message to the world about India’s unwavering determination,” he declared. The new Parliament House bridges the gap between planning and reality, policies and implementation, and aspirations and achievements. It embodies the dreams of the freedom fighters and witnesses the dawn of a self-reliant Bharat (India) and the realization of a developed nation. Additionally, the Prime Minister highlighted that the new building harmoniously merges ancient and modern elements.

Reflecting on the significance of the sacred Sengol, the Prime Minister recounted its role as a symbol of service, duty, and nation in the grand Chola empire. Under the guidance of Rajaji and Adheenam, the Sengol acquired sacred importance in the transfer of power. Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude towards the Adheenam saints who blessed the occasion in the morning. “We are fortunate to have restored the dignity of this sacred symbol, which will continue to inspire us during the parliamentary proceedings,” he asserted.

Adding to the pride of the occasion, the Prime Minister spoke about the Anubhav Mantappa of Lord Basweswara. Citing inscriptions dating back to 900 AD found in Tamil Nadu, he highlighted their relevance even in the present day. “Our democracy serves as our inspiration, and our Constitution embodies our determination,” he stated, emphasizing that the Parliament of India is the epitome of this resolve. Quoting a shloka (verse), the Prime Minister reiterated that the destiny of those who keep moving forward continues to soar, while those who halt their progress face decline.

The Prime Minister emphasized that after enduring years of subjugation and loss, India has embarked on a journey of rejuvenation, reaching the Amrit Kaal (the period of ambrosia). “Amrit Kaal symbolizes forging new dimensions of development while preserving our heritage, providing a fresh direction to the nation, and fulfilling countless aspirations,” he expressed. Highlighting the need for rejuvenation in democracy, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of a new and modern Parliament.

Recalling India’s golden era of prosperity and architectural marvels, the Prime Minister acknowledged that centuries of colonial rule had stripped the nation of its former glory. However, he emphasized that the India of the 21st century exudes confidence and is rediscovering its ancient artistic splendour. The new Parliament House stands as a living testament to this endeavour, blending heritage and architecture, art and craftsmanship, culture and constitutional values. The interiors of the Lok Sabha are themed around the national bird, the peacock, while the Rajya Sabha reflects the national flower, the lotus. The Parliament premises also feature the national tree, the Banyan.

Incorporating elements from various regions, the new building incorporates granite from Rajasthan, timber from Maharashtra, and carpets woven by Bhadhoi artisans. “Every particle of this building encapsulates the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (One India, Great India),” he asserted.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the new Parliament House will lay the foundation for a new, prosperous, strong, and developed India.