In a highly impressive performance, SJVN, a leading player in the power industry, has reported its highest-ever revenues of Rs. 3299 crores during the fiscal year 2022-23. This remarkable achievement underscores the company’s robust financial performance and its ability to capitalize on growth opportunities in the sector.

SJVN has witnessed exceptional growth, surpassing the previous revenue record set in FY 2014-15 by reaching Rs. 3299 crores. The noteworthy revenue growth of 25.67% compared to the previous year’s performance highlights SJVN’s resilience and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

The SJVN has also witnessed a surge in Profit After Tax (PAT), reaching Rs. 1363.45 crores in FY 2022-23, representing a remarkable increase of 39.48% compared to the previous fiscal year. Moreover, SJVN’s net worth has also experienced a significant boost, rising from Rs. 13,128 crores to Rs. 13,822 crores during the fiscal year 2022-23.

SJVN’s impressive financial performance is further demonstrated by its Profit before Tax, which increased by 28.93% to reach Rs. 1732.13 crores in FY 2022-23, compared to Rs. 1343.44 crores in the previous year. The substantial growth in Profit before Tax indicates SJVN’s ability to effectively manage its expenses and optimize its operational efficiency.

Additionally, the company’s Earnings per Share (EPS) witnessed a notable increase from Rs. 2.60 to Rs. 3.50 during the fiscal year, reflecting a growth rate of 34.61%.

Beyond its financial achievements, SJVN has showcased its commitment to strategic investments. The company successfully surpassed its ambitious Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) target for FY 2022-23 by investing Rs. 8240 crores, surpassing the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India’s assigned target of Rs. 8,000 crores.

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