A former IPS officer from Himachal Pradesh has become the latest victim of cyber fraud, losing approximately Rs 79,900 from his bank account. Retired DGP ID Bhandari fell prey to cyber criminals who posed as customer care officers for an online shopping company after he searched for their customer care number on Google. The fraudsters convinced Bhandari to download an app, which resulted in the loss of Rs 49,900 and Rs 30,000 twice from his account.

The Chhota Shimla police station has registered a case of cheating and started an investigation into the matter. The police believe that the fraudsters created a fake customer care number for the online shopping company that appeared in Google search results. Bhandari, who was unaware of this, fell into the trap set by the cybercriminals. The fraudsters executed the fraud in a professional and cunning manner, leaving Bhandari with no option but to report the matter to the police.

The fraudster, who spoke with Bhandari on the phone for two days, is now unreachable as his phone is switched off. The police have urged people to be cautious while searching for customer care numbers on Google and to avoid downloading any unknown apps. They have also advised people not to share their OTP with anyone.

This incident highlights the alarming rise of cybercrime in the country and the need for better awareness and education about online fraud. The fact that a former DGP of the state became a victim of cyber fraud underscores the need for stricter laws and regulations to combat this menace.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.