Shimla: As the Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) elections approach, the Congress and BJP parties are actively campaigning to secure votes in the city. However, amidst the electoral fervour, Congress State President and MP Pratibha Singh has levelled serious allegations against the former BJP government.

Singh accused the previous government of stalling the development of Shimla city for the past five years, citing internal party conflicts as the cause. He further alleged that the wards of Congress councillors were discriminated against in the name of the Smart City initiative, during the tenure of the BJP government.

“BJP is number one in misleading people,” Singh stated, urging party workers to ensure the victory of authorized Congress candidates and give a befitting reply to the BJP’s propaganda. He also warned that any indiscipline within the party would not be tolerated, and strict action would be taken against any complaints.

Chief Minister Media Advisor Naresh Chauhan also targeted BJP and blamed the saffron outfit for misleading the people of Shimla city. Chauhan alleged that the BJP has not fulfilled any promises made to the public during its five-year rule over the Shimla Municipal Corporation. He claimed that the BJP promised 24-hour drinking water to the people of the city but failed to deliver on this commitment. Furthermore, he stated that local BJP leaders were involved in factionalism, which prevented the development of the city. Chauhan said that Congress will release its manifesto regarding the Shimla MC elections soon, and the party’s vision for the city will be visible.

The Shimla MC elections are crucial for both parties, as they vie for votes in the city. The campaigns are intensifying, and the political temperature in Shimla continues to rise as election day approaches.

With these serious allegations and political tensions in play, the upcoming Shimla MC elections are set to be closely watched by residents and political observers alike. The final results will determine the future leadership of Shimla and shape the trajectory of the city’s development in the coming years.