Mandi: The Himachal Budget 2023 is just a couple of weeks away and amidst the public and opposition’s pressure to fulfil the 10 poll guarantees of the Congress, Sukhvinder Singh-led state government has an arduous task to please all sections of the society.

The Himachal Budget Session is to start on 14th March and will end on 6th April 2023. The session would have 18 sittings.

Employees, public and industry sectors have different expectations from the government. With a financial crunch and mounting debt, the new state government has a tough task to impress the general public with its budget allocations.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh has hinted to preciously focus on education, health and addressing the challenges of the future, but mobilising funds for even ongoing projects would be a great challenge for the new regime.

CM Sukhu has inherited huge debt, a disarray financial condition and an empty coffer. With limited or meagre sources of funds, Sukhvinder Singh would find it tough to surprise his opponents. CM, while speaking at the Mandi Shivratri festival program, admitted the grim financial situation of the state, however, he promised to arrange sufficient funds for the development projects.  

Recently, the state government has imposed a water cess on the power projects, and CM would try to introduce some new taxes as well.