Adani proposed freight of ₹8.30 for multi-axle trolleys and ₹10 for single-axle. Truck operators rejected the proposal and pressed for ₹12.04 freight

Shimla: The deadlock between the management of the Adani-run cement plants and the truck operators continues as meetings between Truck Operators and the Cement Company have remained inconclusive.

To end the deadlock, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister has called the CEO of Adani Group running the cement plant for talks along with the representative of the truck operators’ union on Tuesday at the state Secretariat in Shimla. The meeting was attended by CM Sukhvinder Singh, Industry Minister Harsh Vardhan, Adani Company CEO Ajay Kapoor and truck operators.

The Adani Group offered freight rates of ₹10 for a single axle and ₹8.30 for the multi-axle trolley, while the truck operator unions sought ₹10.71 for a single axle with a five per cent rebate on multiple axles.

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The truck operators rejected the Adani cement proposal outrightly and made clear that now they won’t settle for anything below ₹12.04 freight.

Failing to end the deadlock, the Bilaspur District Truck Sabha (BDTS) have declared to intensify the movement and fight a decisive battle with the Adani Group.

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