69,781 new voters added, 45073 voters deleted from the rolls

Shimla: In the State Assembly Elections 2022, a total number of 55,07,261 voters will exercise their franchise.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Maneesh Garg, in a statement, revealed that the process of finalization of electoral rolls till the 1st of October, 2022, has been completed and now the state has 27,80,208 male, 27,27,016 female and 37 third-gender electors.

“Total 53,88,409 voters were registered in the State as per the draft publication on 16th august 2022 and after the revision of the photo electoral rolls, 1,63,925 new voters have been registered in the rolls,” said the CEO and further informed that the names of 45073 voters have been deleted from the electoral rolls due to death, transfer, duplication of registration.

“The number of persons with disability (PWD) electors has increased to 56,001 marking an increase of 1,470,” Maneesh Garg said.

Sulah assembly constituency of Kangra district has the highest 1,04,486 voters, while Lahaul & Spiti constituency has 24,744 voters, the lowest among all the assembly constituencies of the state.

Garg said that under the UTSAV campaign, 69,781 new voters in the age group of 18-19 years were registered thereby increasing the percentage enrolment of 18-19 years old electors from 46 per cent to 75 per cent of the projected population during this period.

The CEO further said that taking into account the deletions, there has been a net increase of 1,18,852 voters, which accounts for a 2.21 per cent increase. He said that the list of service voters has also been completed and there were 67,532 service voters in the state till today.

The election commission has put the voter lists on the website of the Election Department and anyone can verify any name through the NVSP portal.