Himachal’s literacy rate is better than Delhi, BJP advises AAP leader to concentrate on Delhi

Shimla: Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia on Tuesday promised better education in government schools in Himachal Pradesh.

Sisodia, in a pre-planned event of interaction with party workers in Shimla, blames BJP led state government for playing with the future of the children of the state.

He claimed that “government schools are being closed continuously while private schools are being promoted.”

Presenting the Delhi government’s model for education, Sisodia said that Delhi’s government schools are giving competition to private schools.

“Delhi is the only state in the country where 25 per cent of the total budget is being spent on education,” he said.

“If we look at the figures, the present state government has closed hundreds of schools in the last five years. In 2015, around ten lakh students were studying in government schools, however, at present, only eight lakh children are taking education in government schools” said Sisodia.

He appealed to the people to make sure to vote for AAP in the upcoming Legislative Assembly elections so that AAP could form the government in the state.

Meanwhile, BJP has blamed AAP for misleading the general public and advised to stop such drama.

BJP state chief Spokesperson Randhir Sharma said that Sisodia had organised a premeditated programme in Shimla, where questions were decided beforehand.

Sharma reminded Sisodia that the Himachal literacy rate is much better than Delhi and advised Delhi Deputy CM to focus on improving Delhi’s education system rather than making false promises in Himachal.