Shimla: In order to control noise pollution caused by loud music during the night, Shimla police has launched a mobile application called ‘SHOR NAHIN’.

With this app, people will now be able to lodge a complaint if they face any inconveniences due to loud music and noises during the night in the surrounding areas.

Shimla police has also urged the people to feel free to lodge a complaint if they feel any inconveniences due to loud noises.

The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

This app has been developed by the Department of Environmental, Science and Technology. With this app, the complainant will be able to check the noise level.

If the noise exceeds the prescribed standards, then anyone can complain about it.

The complainant will also be able to send a photo of the concerned place on the app. Furthermore, the complainant’s location will be recorded automatically as soon as he logs in to it. After this, the complaint will go online to the concerned police station and immediate action will be taken.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Monica Bhutungaru said that the police administration is trying to provide better facilities to the residents of the district. Along with this, information can also be given on police numbers 0177-2812344 and 112.