Shimla: The Union Health Ministry has revised the Covid-19 guidelines for children and advised home recovery for asymptomatic children.

The health department has categorised Covid positive children into asymptomatic, mild, moderate and severe cases category.

As per the guidelines, asymptomatic children require only home isolation under the care of parents or guardians. In such cases, no tests or medicines are required and in case symptoms develop then seek medical advice.

Patients with symptoms like sore throat, running nose, cough without breathing difficulty and fever were categorized in the Mild category and would need treatment with paracetamol and saline gargles.

“Antibiotics are not required and monitoring of symptoms like respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and activity level are needed,” guidelines stated.

Patients with mild Covid symptoms and fast breathing would need admission to dedicated COVID health centres. While, patients with severe symptoms of pneumonia, shock, respiratory distress and SpO2 <90 percent on room air would require admission to ICU of COVID-19 hospital for further management.

The Government Spokesperson appealed that keeping in view the increase in the number of COVID 19 cases, children need to follow COVID appropriate behaviours and also appealed to get vaccinated to decrease the risk of infection.