Bahra University

Nauni/Solan: Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Shimla based food processing company for the production of apple cider vinegar, based on the technology developed by the scientists of the University’s Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) under a DST project.

Dr. Ravinder Sharma, Director of Research signed the agreement on behalf of the university. Nanda Chhajta and Yashwant Chhajta, proprietors of RUHILL Food Processing Unit, Shimla were present on the occasion. The agreement was signed in the presence of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Parvinder Kaushal. Dr. KD Sharma, Professor and Head, Department of FST and Dr. Rakesh Sharma, who is one of the scientists who helped develop this technology, were also present on the occasion.

This is the second start-up that has signed a non-exclusive license agreement with the university for the transfer of this technology by paying Rs 40,000 as a technology fee.

Under this agreement, the company will use the university’s tech to manufacture and sell the cider vinegar and will also acknowledge it on the product label.

Explaining the technology, Dr. K.D Sharma, said that the university technology is an alternative to the traditional methods of making apple cider vinegar and can also be taken as an alternative approach for complete utilization of culled apples along with improving the farm income.

Congratulating the entrepreneurs and the scientists, Dr. Parvinder Kaushal said that it is great to see entrepreneurs coming forward and showing intent in developing their products on the university technologies.

“A large quality of low-grade size and deformed apples go waste each year mainly due to the lack of appropriate processing technology in the production area. This technology can help to address the issue. The technology has optimized various factors involved in the production of vinegar as well as base wine and overcomes the problems of the traditional methods, which are slow and result in poor quality vinegar,” said Dr. Kaushal.

He suggested that the company must explore the production and development of multi-products from apples so that the complete utilization of the fruit can be done.

15 august 2021